How to build a fictional world

In the set-up of your story, you have to determine the ‘rules of the universe’. Whether is it a fantasy movie or a thriller novel. Continue reading “How to build a fictional world”

Writing tip | Bullet Journal: how to order creative chaotic notes

One thing I can’t life without is my notebook.

At the most unexpected moments, I get inspired for writing stories. Something that touches me, something I see, smell, read or hear. And I personally make lists of everything… everything! Groceries, beautiful names for characters, wish lists and of course my own bucket list.

How to keep track of all this inspiration, thoughts and ideas without collecting hundreds of post-its, torn pieces of paper and ideas lying all around your desk? A dear friend of mine introduced me to a really nice system to organize all my notes: bullet journaling by Ryder Carroll.

“It’s an analog system for the digital age that will help you organize the present, record the past, and plan the future,” – Ryder Carroll

All you need for bullet journaling is a paper notebook to keep track of notes, to-do lists, inspirational quotes, delicious recipes, calendar items, lists of must-see movies or ideas for writing. Buy yourself the most awesome notebook you can find. At the moment I’m using a notebook from The Big Bang Theory merchandise with dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Friendship Algorithm.


Then, on the first page you create an index-page. You give the following pages numbers and add a title to everything you write down. These titles you write down on the index page with the corresponding page numbers to know what’s on each page! Furthermore, you can use the following signs:

 Very-Basic-Checked-checkbox-icon A tickbox for things to-do or check lists

big-black-dot1 Mark notes with a black bullet point

 cirkel Mark happenings or events with an open bullet point

download To accentuate something, place a star in front of it

When something isn’t relevant anymore… just cross it!

By adding these markings, your different notes will be more easy to identify.

The bullet journal system is quick, clear and you don’t need post-its or all those apps on your phone or tablet. I find it a nice way to bring some order in my creative chaos. Just a little tip, I hope you like it.